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It’s hard to believe June is over already. If you missed all the Vivio happenings in June, don’t worry. We’ve created this post so you can catch up!

Vivio Managed WordPress Hosting 

Our new Managed WordPress Hosting is now available for early customers! It’s the first hosting product we’ve ever offered that’s built exclusively for WordPress. It’s created to be a one-stop, high-performance WordPress solution. Since it’s a new product and we may have a few bumps to smooth out, we’re offering a Buy One, Get 3 MONTHS FREE special promotion. For more information, please visit our Managed WordPress page

Keeping Track of End-of-Life Dates 

We recently updated the Software End-of-Life reference page within our knowledge base. All the operating system EOL dates are listed in one place to make planning easier. Here’s the link to our KB page

New WordPress Release 

The latest update from WordPress is now available. WordPress version 6.5.5 contains fixes for 3 vulnerabilities and 3 bug fixes, so even if your sites are set to update automatically, you may want to log in and verify that you’re running this latest version. If your sites do not receive updates automatically, we recommend updating manually as soon as possible. Here’s the link to the WordPress post for more information.  

Cloudflare Leaked Password Protection 

Cloudflare recently added a new security feature to customer accounts to give them greater protection from compromise and fraud. “Cloudflare will securely check a customer’s password against threat intelligence sources that monitor data breaches in other services. If a customer logs in to Cloudflare with a password that was leaked in a breach elsewhere on the Internet, Cloudflare will alert them and ask them to choose a new password.” Here’s the link to Cloudflare’s blog post for more information

Check out our NEW Velocity3 Hosting: https://viviotech.net/vivio-velocity-hosting/

Upcoming Events 

In Case You Missed It…  

Last month, CentOS 7 and CloudLinux 7 reached end-of-life and are no longer supported. Several migration options are available to upgrade your server(s) to a newer operating system. cPanel v110 customers get Extended Lifecycle Support free through July. Head over to our blog post for more information.   

And that’s it for the Vivio news in June. If you have questions about any of the information we’ve featured, please get in touch with us here.

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We’ll see you next month! 😎 

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