You know that moment when you finally feel like you’ve found your life purpose? When all the hard things you’ve went through start to make sense? When you realize everything you’ve done has led you here?

If not, it’s an amazing feeling, and someday you’ll have it too. The world is full of ambitious, creative, and inspiring people. We like to see people succeed, so we’ve compiled some training to help them see their dreams through. We recently wrote a blog post on training programs for web developers, and we were inspired to write one for web designers too. We hope it helps you!

Here are 15 free to low cost online training programs for web designers:

Learn CSS Layout

This program focuses solely on CSS so you can learn to style your site effectively. It assumes you know basic design terminology. However, there is a beginner’s course available if you aren’t sure.

The Learn CSS Layout courses include:

  1. The “Display” Property
  2. Max-Width
  3. The Box Model
  4. Box-Sizing
  5. Position

Cost: FREE

Register here:

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a great program that provides useful, challenging lessons for all levels of designers. They offer quizzes along the way to test what you have learned.

The Code Avenger courses include:

  1. Introduction to Typography
  2. Parts of a Character
  3. Font Features
  4. Typefaces
  5. CSS Text Formatting

Cost: FREE 7-Day Trial (normally $29/month)

Register here:

Channel 9 Web Development

This program has 21 episodes focused on helping you learn the fundamentals of HTML5 & CSS3 programming. They provide information on advanced topics, as well as simpler topics such as web principals and writing code.

The Channel 9 Web Development courses include:

  1. Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page
  2. Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page
  3. Working with Paragraphs and Texts
  4. Working with Lists
  5. CSS3 Font and Text Properties

Cost: FREE

Register here:


This program is well-known for people looking to learn both design and/or development skills. They focus on HTML and CSS with quizzes along the way.

The Codecademy courses include:

  1. HTML Fundamentals
  2. HTML Content
  3. CSS Fundamentals
  4. Styling with CSS
  5. Organizing HTML and CSS

Cost: FREE (Pro edition is available)

Register here:


This program is great if you are looking to learn UI/UX design. There are a series of interactive videos including teaching you how to think like a designer.

The Skillshare courses include:

  1. How to Design a Website in Photoshop
  2. Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Home Pages That Drive Results
  3. Introduction to HTML: Build a Portfolio Website
  4. Fundamentals of Design: How to Think Like a Designer
  5. Mastering WordPress: Build the Ultimate Professional Website

Cost: FREE

Register here:

Code School

Code School is a program for more intermediate/advanced users. It offers several courses in categories such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Elixir, PHP, .NET, Python, iOS, Git, and Database.

The Code School courses include:

  1. CSS Cross-Country
  2. Journal into Mobile
  3. Unmasking HTML Emails
  4. Try Ruby
  5. JavaScript Best Practices

Cost: FREE Account (normally $29/month)

Register here:


This program is one of many of Alison’s certified learning programs. After completing the course, you will earn a Diploma in Web Design, and should know how to create your own website.

The Alison courses include:

  1. HTML Coding – Create Web Pages
  2. Cascading Style Sheets – Style Web Pages
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 – Create Web Pages and Web Sites
  4. Build a Web Site: Introduction
  5. Build a Web Site: Creating Web Pages

Cost: FREE

Register here:


This program is targeted towards those who have professional design experience. However, neither web nor coding experience is mandatory to join. The courses are taught by experienced professionals and come with a series of quizzes and assignments to put your skills into practice.

The Gymnasium courses include:

  1. Coding for Designers
  2. Responsive Web Design
  3. JQuery Building Blocks
  4. UX Fundamentals
  5. JavaScript Foundations

Cost: FREE

Register here:


This program is a part of a massive compilation of over 7,000 computer tutorials online. They offer courses in programming, web design, video editing, and more. If you’re trying to keep your options open in the development or design field, this is a highly useful resource.

TheNewBoston courses include:

  1. Java – Beginners
  2. C++
  3. PHP
  4. JavaScript
  5. MySQL Database for Beginners

Cost: FREE

Register here:

This program is led by experts, focusing on teaching web designers to use WordPress, jQuery, CSS and HTML. There are a variety of useful videos and tutorials available for the students within their generous 10-day free trial.

The courses include:

  1. Bootstrap 4 Essential Training
  2. CSS Essential Training 2
  3. Considering a CMS for Web Design
  4. Learning Angular 2
  5. UX Design Techniques: Overview

Cost: FREE 10-Day Trial (normally $19.99-29.99/month)

Register here:


This program has a heavy emphasis on Photoshop and WordPress, teaching web designers what they need to know to succeed. There are also training programs in other subjects so you can learn a few complementary skills while you’re at it.

The Udemy courses include:

  1. How to Create a Website using WordPress (Step by Step)
  2. Photoshop CC for Web Design Beginners
  3. CSS Tips & Tricks for Developers
  4. What is HTML? and a bit about CSS
  5. A Practical Introduction to Responsive Design

Cost: 75+ FREE Courses (or pay for select ones)

Register here:

Interaction Design Foundation

This program focuses on helping aspiring web designers learn the skills they need to succeed and be marketable in their career field. The courses are self-paced and give you the option to earn a certificate if you complete them. There is also a highly interactive community that helps advise students on design.

The Interaction Design Foundation courses include:

  1. Quality Web Communication: The Beginner’s Guide
  2. The Practical Guide to Usability
  3. User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide
  4. Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide
  5. The Psychology of Online Sales

Cost: FREE (just need to become a member)

Register here:


This program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of web design for nonprofit organizations and libraries. It’s very user-friendly and has a variety of helpful tips for all experience levels. This is a great choice if you are trying to learn how to design your nonprofit organization’s website (and also offers a course on training your staff!).

The TechSoup courses include:

  1. Web Design Best Practices 101
  2. Adobe Absolute Beginners: Photoshop 101
  3. Design for Nondesigners 101
  4. Tech Training for Nonprofit and Library Staff 101

Cost: FREE

Register here:

Don’t Fear the Internet

If you don’t seek to be a traditional web designer and instead are just trying to design your website, this is a fantastic resource. It uses user-friendly language and comes in a series of videos to help you learn the fundamentals of a beautiful, non-cookie cutter website.

The Don’t Fear the Internet courses include:

  1. The Box Model & Beyond
  2. Web Typography
  3. CSS
  4. HTML
  5. Targeting Content with Classes & IDs

Cost: FREE

Register here:


This program is a great starting place if you are a beginner looking to launch a new career in web design. As a student, you have access to over 1000 videos made by expert teachers on web design, coding, and business.

The Treehouse courses include:

  1. Build a Website
  2. Learn to Code
  3. Build an App
  4. Start a Business

Cost: FREE 7-Day Trial (Normally $25-49/month)

Register here:

Did we miss any training programs in the list? Share in the comments below what program you’re excited to be a part of!

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