Happy New Year! We hope 2017 is treating you well so far. To start the year off right, we decided to do things a little different by highlighting something that it’s often considered but pushed aside to take care of clients: taking care of employees. It’s great to thank your customers, but it’s good to pat your employees on the back too. Appreciating your employees can lead to higher productivity, longevity, and loyalty. In fact, according to TinyPulse.com, 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were more appreciated.

Imagine if your employees felt more appreciated and they put in 10%, 20% or even 50% more effort than they do now. How would things change?

Whether you do several things to reward your employees or haven’t put much thought into it, all you have to do is start with one thing.

Here are 51 ways to show appreciation to your team:

  1. Set up muffins and coffee in the break-room.
  2. Recognize years of service.
  3. Give them a shout out in meetings.
  4. Place a thank you note on their desk.
  5. Host a raffle, drawing or other giveaway.
  6. Take them to lunch.
  7. Reward them with a certificate of achievement.
  8. Elect an employee of the month.
  9. Ask employees to fill out a personality test so you can learn more about them and see what they like.
  10. Provide free merchandise, such as t-shirts and pens.
  11. Ask for their input on projects.
  12. Send them home early on a Friday.
  13. Keep the fridge stocked with drinks.
  14. Welcome new employees.
  15. Send out a survey to see what they like.
  16. Make a staff appreciation program.
  17. Host a holiday party and invite their families.
  18. Have an employee appreciation day.
  19. Give them their birthday off.
  20. Have meetings at a local coffee shop.
  21. Set up a whiteboard for people to write thank you notes to each other.
  22. Provide them with educational opportunities.
  23. Celebrate their birthday.
  24. Put a sticky note on their monitor that says, “Thank you!”
  25. Put an appreciation jar in the break room so people can fill it with compliments on employees.
  26. Take them to an event or conference.
  27. Establish a rewards program.
  28. Keep your door open for them to ask questions.
  29. Make a snack jar or candy dish.
  30. Shout out what the employee has been doing in an email to everyone.
  31. Do quarterly reviews to show employees how they are doing.
  32. Host a challenge in the office (such as health).
  33. Hold an office hour to let employees speak up.
  34. Recognize employees on social media.
  35. Do an awards ceremony.
  36. Give all employees an idea book so they can write down their thoughts.
  37. Make a “Go the Extra Mile” program.
  38. Recognize their other talents.
  39. Ask them how they’re doing.
  40. Set up a daily list of things to do to appreciate your team.
  41. Set up a cozy break room.
  42. Celebrate milestones.
  43. Have a friendly contest.
  44. Set a casual dress day.
  45. Promote them (or change their job title to something you agree on).
  46. Let them work from home for a day.
  47. Make a suggestion box.
  48. Have a pizza party.
  49. Have a white elephant gift exchange.
  50. Let them decorate the office.
  51. Provide free gym memberships.

Sometimes even a simple “thank you” is enough to change your employees’ mindsets and significantly boost productivity.

We hope this list helps you start the new year off on a great note. What do you do to show appreciation to your team?

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