Vivio technicians have discovered a compatibility issue prompted by a recent automatic update from Lucee. Update is bundled with MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.x (com.mysql.cj-8.0.15.jar) that is incompatible with MySQL versions 5.1 and older.

If you’re set up to receive this update automatically and running versions of MySQL 5.1 or older, this could potentially break your website. Our technicians strongly recommend moving to MySQL 5.7, but advise that additional testing should be performed beforehand to ensure compatibility and avoid potential issues.

There are two potential fixes for this issue, depending on your server setup and approach.

A quick fix to get you up and running when Lucee is already installed:

  1. Roll back MySQL Connector to a previous version
  2. Turn off automatic updates from Lucee

A best practices recommendation to continue receiving Lucee automatic updates:

  1. Evaluate current server set up and compatibility
  2. Update MySQL to version 5.7

If you’d like to work with SysOps to evaluate this issue on your server, please let us know!

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