Update: Issue has been resolved and we’ll continue to monitor the situation. 1:00 PST

Beginning at approximately 8:30 PM PST tonight Vivio’s network began experiencing what is known as a reflection attack. While neither Vivio nor any of our clients were the target of the reflection attack (just unwilling pawns), portions of our network are still affected and suffering minimal down time.

This attack is on-going, and while we’re doing our best to respond quickly and keep our network clear, those of you who are affected by these attacks will experience small periods (just a few seconds in most cases) of packet-loss due to over-capacity (in packets per second) switch ports. Those of you with monitoring on your servers may also receive notifications from your monitors if your server is tested during one of the brief interruptions. We’re continuing to actively monitor our switch ports and correcting these issues almost as quickly as they appear, but until the attack ends, there will be brief interruptions.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work diligently to minimize the affect of this attack.

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