While it may seem a little early yet, 2017 is fast-approaching and there are some important changes coming to how software is licensed on your Vivio hosting account.

The Good – MS SQL Server Licensing Changes

Microsoft is changing the way that MS SQL Server is licensed from a per-processor model to a per-core model. For most of us, this change will result in a price decrease, but depending on how your current version of MS SQL Server is licensed and whether you’re using a Virtual Machine (VPS) or Dedicated Server, it could also result in an increase. Starting now, the price for MS SQL Server Web Edition will be $5 for every 2 cores of CPU with a 2-core minimum for Virtual Machines, and $15 for every 2 cores of CPU with a 4-core minimum on Dedicated Servers ($30 minimum). This means for the vast majority of Vivio’s VPS clients who use MS SQL Server Web Edition the cost will be reduced, so it’s good news for most folks.


MS SQL Server running on Linux is currently in testing by MS.

The Bad – CF9 Price Increasing for 2017

Not long ago, Vivio renewed our licensing deal with Adobe for ColdFusion, but in this new deal, the discounts we were getting for older versions of CF (CF9 and earlier) are no longer available. This means that in order to license an older version of ACF, we have to purchase a license for the latest version, then downgrade that license to the older version. The cost to Vivio is the same regardless of what version of ACF is being licensed. With this in mind we’re announcing that starting in January 2017 (3 months from now), ALL versions of Adobe ColdFusion will be charged at a monthly rate of $50/mo per 12GB RAM – the same way that CF10 and up are currently licensed – even if you are paying a lower rate now for older versions of ColdFusion. This will bring all sub-licensing in-line with what Vivio pays Adobe. The plus side is that this should make upgrading to the latest version of Adobe ColdFusion an easier decision to make, which will help you stay more secure and keep your servers performing as fast as possible.

The Awesome – Support for the Holidays

We realize that many of you are working hard to prepare for the upcoming Holiday Season. For many businesses, the Holidays are a critical time of year. You need your hosting services to be in top shape so that your visitors can use your services without any problems that could harm sales. Managed Support from Vivio means that you can call on our expert Support Team and have them take care of any piece of software that is installed on your server by default. It’s extremely affordable, with no hourly limits, and no strings attached. We’re your built-in support team, and we’re here to help you succeed.

Normally, Managed Support costs $30/mo with a one-time $30 setup fee. In an effort to better support you this Holiday Season, Vivio is offering NO SETUP FEE for any new Managed Support subscription. We’re here for you, and if you need help to ensure that all your services are optimized and ready to rock for the Holidays, we’ve got your back.

To order Managed Support with no setup fee, simply use the coupon code: FREEMAN16

If you have an existing service that you’d like to add Managed Support to without getting charged the setup fee, just CONTACT US and include the above code in your request!

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