In an effort to continue to provide the best possible service to our clients, Vivio has been diligently working on a process to include an invisible NGINX caching layer to our Shared Hosting Servers. After a great deal of talking, testing, and planning, we’re now ready to implement this change to our Shared Hosting Servers.


NGINX Hosting


How Will NGINX Affect My Hosting Account?

This change should greatly improve your shared hosting experience in two ways:

  1. The load time for all your site’s (regardless of technologies used) should greatly improve.
  2. The number of concurrent users your site can support without degraded performance should greatly improve.

The NGINX caching layer will ideally function as an invisible proxy layer to your sites – in nearly the same exact way that some CDN services, such as CloudFlare, act as invisible proxy layers. This caching layer will not only improve the performance of your sites, but it will reduce the load on the server itself so that your dynamic requests (the ones that need to use CPU and RAM) have more room to work. Basically, this move should improve almost every aspect of your hosting service.


What if My Site Has Issues with This Change?

We’ve worked very hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen, however, if you believe that your site is negatively impacted by this change, please contact Vivio Support so that we can look into this issue with you. Due to the nature of this change, this change needs to be system-wide, however, we may need to make changes to the default config in order to accommodate all users and sites. Again, it is extremely unlikely that your site will be negatively affected, but if you believe this to be true, please contact us, and we’ll work with you to fix it.


When Will this Change Go Into Affect?

We’ll be systematically implementing this change across all servers using a mostly automated process. The change will require little more than a service restart, so it will be almost imperceptible to you and your site visitors. Even so, this change will be scheduled during off-hours, where as few are affected by the service restart as possible. The idea is that you simply wake up one morning and your website is orders of magnitude faster and more resilient than it was previously.


I Still Have Questions!

No problem. Ask them in the comments below, through social media, or by contacting Vivio Support and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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