Adobe released a new security update for ColdFusion 2023 and 2021 last week. This most recent update is described as a proactive security hardening that will “offer a more complete resolution to some of the vulnerabilities addressed in the 3 CF security updates last month.” So while this update is not directly linked to a security bulletin, this is an important update to prevent related exploits in the future.

If you’re running ColdFusion 2018, support ended on July 13, 2023, so an update was not released for this version. It may be a good time to consider upgrading to ColdFusion 2023.

Tech notes for more information about this update:

ColdFusion 2023, Update 4

ColdFusion 2021, Update 10

Download pages for links to this update:

ColdFusion 2023

ColdFusion 2021

Additional Resources:

Charlie Arehart’s blog post goes into detail about this update as well as some of the installation considerations. And Adobe’s announcements in the ColdFusion Community forum and ColdFusion blog.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your services here at Vivio. Or if you’d like our SysOps Support team to work on this update for you.

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