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April was busy at Vivio! So, we’re making a post of all the news from last month that we think you’d like to know about. This information was also sent out in our monthly newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, here’s the link where you can do that.

Velocity3 Hosting is here!

We’re excited about this one! Vivio’s Velocity3 Hosting is now available! Our Velocity3 host servers bring more power and performance. Velocity3 uses 3rd generation AMD Epyc processors, offering nearly 2x greater IPC (Instructions per Cycle) and higher base and boost clocks than our Velocity host servers. Want your server to get significantly more performance per core? Submit a quote request using our Velocity Planner. 

New Portal Account Security Feature.

2FA (two-factor authentication) is now available for your Vivio Portal account. Adding 2FA to your account gives it added protection against fraud. While this is not required, we definitely recommend it! Visit our how-to page to get started! 

Lock Down Your WordPress Login Page 

WordPress login pages are a common and frequent target of malicious attacks.  We’ve created a page with the ways you can make yours a harder target!    

Business Email Compromise 

Is it getting harder to tell the difference between fraudulent and legitimate emails lately, or is it just me? Use the SSL Store’s advice to avoid a Business Email Compromise. (TLDR: Scroll down to the bottom part of the article.) 

Speculative Loading Plugin for WordPress 

A new WordPress plugin called Speculative Loading Plugin for WordPress, is out now that improves website page load speed. This new plugin supports and customizes rules for the Speculative Loading API used in Chromium-based browsers. It works by preloading and prefetching specific URLs based on user interactions, “which can lead to near-instant page load times.” Jump over to this page from WordPress for more information.  

Adobe ColdFusion 2023 

Are you considering updating to the latest version of ColdFusion? Adobe ColdFusion 2023 is available! Visit Adobe’s website for all the new feature information.  

WHM/cPanel is Now Supported on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 

cPanel now supports Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. (Just in time to give one of our shiny new Velocity3 servers a try! 😎) Check out the Version 118 release notes for more feature updates.  

FusionReactor 12 is now available!  

This latest version of FusionReactor includes several notable changes and new integrations that improve the overall user experience. Check out FusionReactor’s post for more details about this and future updates still to come in 2024! 

SmarterMail Scheduling 

If you have SmarterMail Enterprise email hosting, the SmarterMail Scheduling feature is now available. Once you’ve enabled SmarterMail Scheduling, you can set your availability, check multiple calendars for conflicts, and set up public appointment booking. Head over to SmarterMail’s announcement page to learn more. 


  • Adobe ColdFusion Summit (West) is September 30th – October 1st in Las Vegas. Register before May 31st for individual and group discounts! Here’s where to register.  

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