As a rule, Vivio makes every effort to refrain from forcing changes on our clients. Changes almost always require an investment of time and we’re all busy. Unfortunately, Vivio’s efforts to refrain from forcing changes on our clients have led to some deep misunderstandings with some clients, such as when clients contact us asking why they aren’t receiving the offers they find on our website. After review, we believe that the grandfathering causes more problems then it solves. In order to address these problems, Vivio is discontinuing this practice of grandfathering client service plans.


How will this policy change affect me?

These changes are, in general, a very good thing for all involved. In many cases clients using old plans are paying the same amount they would be paying for newer plans, but are running with fewer resources. With this change, you can be sure you’re getting the same offers as everyone else.


What if I prepaid for my current plan?

As always, Vivio guarantees any pricing for any prepaid services. Any price or service changes would go into effect on your next renewal. If you would like to make changes before your next renewal, simply contact our Sales department.


When will this go into affect?

This changes is effective immediately and will be implemented over time due to the need to review accounts by hand. If you would like to update your account sooner, rather than later, simply contact our Sales department.


What happens next?

It depends on what service plan you currently have. Over the next several months, Vivio will be contacting clients with legacy plans to discuss updating their service to a current plan.


As always, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We recognize that pricing changes can be disruptive and we will do all that we can to make the updates happen as smoothly as possible.

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