If you’ve been following the industry recently, you’ll know that there has been a lot going on with SSL security recently. One very important development has been led by Google with changes in a recent release of their Chrome web browser which list any website without secure SSL encryption being marked as ‘Not Secure’.

And Google isn’t the only place this is happening. Several other major web browser developers have announced plans to implement similar notifications to their products. As a result, visitors may have their trust in your website negatively impacted – in general, users trust what their browsers tell them and they may be unlikely to take risks when their browser is telling them something is wrong, and you don’t want to lose conversions to something that is so easy to fix.

These changes will have the biggest impact on sites which accept visitor input, so even sites that just have a field to allow visitors to provide their email for a newsletter or followup sales conversation will be effected, with notifications appearing when the visitor begins entering information into the field.

That said, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Vivio has partnerships with several major SSL providers and can get you set up with a fix quickly, easily, and most importantly, cheaply, with basic certificates starting at $15.00/year, and while we recommend the paid certificates due to the extra benefits included, there are even some free alternatives available depending on your server configuration and needs.

No matter which route you want to go, get in touch with us today and we can discuss the best way to address this change. If you have questions, or if you want to get started securing your page, contact our Sales staff by Phone, Web Chat, or Email

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