Velocity3 is here! Velocity3 is our latest, high-performance web hosting product, and it’s our fastest one yet. Let’s get into the details… 

What operating systems are supported? 

Velocity3 is running some of the latest hypervisor software, so it’s built with the newest operating systems in mind. All new instances come fully updated with the most current software versions and patches. Here’s a list of the current supported operating systems:  

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 
  • Windows Server 2019 
  • Windows Server 2022 

What hardware does Velocity3 use? 

Named to reflect the generation of processors powering it, Velocity3 is running on AMD’s EPYC 7443P CPUs. Compared with our earlier Velocity product that uses AMD’s first generation EPYC 7401P CPUS, this newer generation of processors offer nearly 2xs greater IPC (Instructions per Cycle) along with higher base and boost clocks.  

Velocity3 uses DDR4 3200Ghz RAM compared to Velocity’s DDR4 2666Ghz. We’ve set our CPU and RAM pricing to be per Core or GB to keep it simple for you. This allows you to create your own customized hosting solution and only pay for what you need.  

What type of storage is available on Velocity3? 

Two storage options are available for Velocity3. Both storage options are based on Vivio’s NVMe Clustered SAN solutions, offering triple data redundancy.  

Ultra Storage 

Velocity Ultra Storage provides full speed to the NVMe SAN with no software-defined limits, supplying your server with the maximum speed available. Ultra Storage is recommended for DB servers or for clients who want the fastest storage IO option for all aspects of their web hosting servers.  

Standard Storage 

Velocity Standard Storage uses software-defined limits to create a performance comparable to traditional RAID 10 arrays. Standard Storage is recommended for price-conscious clients or for instances that do not require the fastest IO performance. This storage type is still a fast option and compares to an HDD/SSD Array.  

Other Considerations… 

There are several other products and services that we recommend pairing with our Velocity3 Hosting to make it even more performant and give you the best experience possible. 

ColdFusion (CFML) – Get the most from your ColdFusion server by using the latest software version. Adobe ColdFusion 2023 and Lucee 6 are available! 

Cloudflare – We recommend Cloudflare to all our hosting clients. Cloudflare’s Free plan provides access to an extensive list of features including their CDN, Static Content Caching, WAF, and DDoS protection. Cloudflare’s CDN typically improves page load speeds and often removes any geolocation concerns by serving your cached content to your customers from Cloudflare servers that are hosted all over the world. Several paid plans are available that will unlock more features, but we’ve found the Free plan to be a solid option. Learn more. 

Velocity Managed Offsite Backup 

Vivio’s Velocity Managed Offsite Backup solution eases the time and hassle of managing backups. It features SSD drives to shorten backup run times and provide faster file restores. It runs on R1Soft’s enterprise-grade backup software and is fully managed by Vivio’s Support team. 

Having reliable recent backups is vital, so Vivio’s Support team continually monitors for failed backups. If your backups aren’t successful, our team will research the cause and initiate the necessary changes to correct it. R1Soft’s interface allows you to make backup policy changes or file restorations. And Vivio’s Support team is here to help along the way. Learn more. 

Vivio’s SysOps Support Subscription 

While Vivio provides Infrastructure Support for all its hosting services, our additional SysOps Support is like having your own Support team. With Vivio’s SysOps Support, you can make work requests for tasks like SSL installations, scheduling software updates, and changes to your firewall configurations. With our SysOps Support Subscription, your support becomes fully customized with 24/7 active monitoring and response, along with added savings on the other tasks your servers may need. And Vivio’s SysOps Support Subscription is set up by account, not by the server, to save you money. Learn more. 

Final Thoughts 

Velocity3 is simply the best hosting product we have available. And we think you’ll be pleased with it. Each time we release a new, upgraded hosting product, we hope everyone will try it because we genuinely want to offer you the best experience possible for your hosting and support services.  

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us here.  

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