IT managed services offers real benefits to business; the biggest benefit being fixing problems before they negatively impact your business. Vivio offers managed services (called SysOps Support) for any server you operate – anywhere.

Managed services use software to monitor your IT systems 24/7. It never stops. Your system is constantly under the scrutiny of monitoring and any problems are detected immediately. It’s not subject to human availability. It doesn’t stop working on weekends and holidays.

Most problems can be detected before they negatively impact your business operations. Alerts are sent to both you and Vivio, so action can be taken if necessary. A well maintained, proactively serviced computer network runs better at a lower cost than the alternative.

There are four great advantages that managed services with remote monitoring can provide.

Limited Downtime

Yearly, large companies average about 87 hours of downtime. Some more and some less. 1 By using automated remote monitoring and proactive IT support, your servers will be on watch 24/7 and any problems that arise can be handled immediately. Downtime can be greatly curbed by knowing about issues before they become problems that impact your business.

Improved Security

Cybersecurity is a major issue for businesses today. Companies must work hard to keep information secure which is very time-intensive for both large and small businesses. For example, in 2017, 6.5 percent of people were victims of identity fraud — resulting in fraudsters defrauding people of about $16 billion. 2 With 24/7 monitoring, threats can be quickly detected, identified, and managed. This significantly decreases the chances of your company being compromised and having to deal with the costs and reduced trust of that compromise.

Greater Productivity

Limiting downtime of your IT systems makes you more productive as a business. Also, managed services automate manual tasks and workflows freeing up people for other, revenue-generating tasks. Your people won’t need to study the manuals from your hardware in order to perform tasks associated with managing your IT. This will simply be taken care of and your people can focus on their core competencies.

Lower Costs

Knowing about problems in advance saves you money. By using proactive managed services and identifying issues before they impact your business processes, you aren’t paying top dollar for emergency technicians to solve problems while your business isn’t generating revenue due to business functions being offline. You can plan your costs in advance and properly budget for them and take your time making long-term decisions. According to CompTIA, 46 percent of firms have trimmed their annual IT expenditures by 25 percent or more as a result of their shift to managed services. 3


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