The words you use on your website can make or break conversions. Everything you write should be written for your target audience, giving them something to relate to. You want them to see where you are coming from and be clear on what they should do next.

Call-to-actions require even more thought. They should be written with one question in mind: What is the best way I can write this so my viewers will take action? You want to be clear, succinct, and convey a sense of urgency. Remember, ‘you’ is a powerful word in call-to-actions. You speak directly to the person reading it when you say ‘you.’ What better way to prompt action?

A successful call-to-action has three elements:

  1. A goal.
  2. Clear directions on what to do next.
  3. The ability to be measured.

Depending on your goal, a combination of words and phrases may work differently. Whether you’re trying to persuade, empower or inspire your viewer, some phrases may come in more handy than others. Stick to these rules of thumbs to stay in good hands:

Make Sure the Words Are Powerful

If you want to prompt people to take action, you need to use action words (a.k.a. verbs). This inspires them to act now. If there’s no verb, they may not understand what it is they are actually supposed to do. Without a verb, they’re going to leave the site eventually, and there’s no feeling worse than seeing a constantly high website bounce rate. Use words such as these to guide the viewers on their next steps:

  • Start
  • Download
  • Learn
  • Checkout
  • Join
  • Get
  • Grow
  • Build
  • Create
  • Stop
  • Discover

Use Words That Convert

Let’s talk sales for a second. Just because your verb is there doesn’t mean the offer is enticing enough to try. People like words that evoke emotions. They like to know what they are actually buying is what others are buying too. Use words that are unique, promising, and offer value. Combining these with some verbs is a great tool to convert:

  • New
  • Guarantee
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • Fresh
  • Fun
  • Increase
  • Announcing
  • Improvement
  • Sensational
  • Secret
  • Tell Us

Show Exclusivity

Want to convince them to do something? Be persuasive, using words that establish trust. You should also use words that show them this offer is completely exclusive. People want what others have, but they also crave the esteem that comes with being the first one to get something. Use phrases that show elite access:

  • Get Exclusive Access
  • Members Only
  • Only Available to Subscribers
  • Ask For an Invitation
  • Apply for Access
  • Request More Information
  • Learn Our Secrets

Create a Sense of Urgency

Most call-to-actions are written with a sense of urgency to help clients make the decision now instead of later. The idea behind this is if they wait, they might not make the decision at all. Conversions are likely to happen more quickly if a viewer thinks the offer may not be around forever. Try one of these:

  • Hurry
  • Immediately
  • One-Time Offer
  • Reply Today
  • Send in Your Application Today
  • Last Chance
  • Supplies Running Out
  • Act Quickly
  • Download Free for a Limited Time
  • Offer Expires Soon
  • Try Now
  • Today Only
  • Only 3 Left
  • Offer Expires at Midnight
  • Sign Up–It’s Free
  • Buy Now
  • Get it Now
  • Limited Supply
  • Join Now
  • Spots Going Fast
  • Watch This Video Now
  • Get a Quote Now
  • Act Now
  • Call Today
  • Sign Up Now, While You Still Can
  • Order Now and Receive 20% Off
  • Get Started Today
  • Start Now
  • Reserve Now
  • Order in the Next 60 Minutes and Get 90% Off
  • Start Your Free Trial Now
  • Get Started Free
  • Order Now and Receive a Free Gift

We hope these tips and phrase come in handy. Writing ad-copy is a never-ending battle of changes and improvements. Continue to develop what you have with some powerful phrases and watch your conversion rate increase steadily over time.

Do you have any other words you like to use in your call-to-actions? Tell us what they are in the comments below. We’d love to hear them!

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